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Why choose us?

  1. Our mission and priority is to bring the highest benefit and satisfaction to our customers and we do all for this purpose.
  2. Top quality and guaranteed service: NORTH THONG LONG is committed to providing professional security staff during the signing period and commits 100% refunds if they are not effective and receive the right response.
  3. The Most Reasonable Costs: BTL’s position is to put the best quality of service at the most affordable and competitive price. Please contact us and compare.
  4. Experienced and professional staff: The staff are members who have been trained in professional schools, have long-term practical experience and can handle excellent situations.
  5. Modern technology and facilities: We equip the security team with modern and complete tracking technologies. We confidently have all the means necessary to serve every customer’s needs.
  6. Willingness to support counseling: Support, 24/24 customer consultation even on holidays.