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Who are we?


Dear Customer
High quality protection services North Thang Long would like to send to your business greetings respectfully, wishes health and success!

Nowadays, in the context of fierce economic competition and complex social security situation, the demand for safety has become an urgent need of all enterprises, requiring more and more protection services. Karma, Effectiveness. Therefore, Bac Thang Long DVBV Company Limited was established to meet the needs of customers with the following STRONG STRENGTHS:
Leadership Teams are Senior Officers in the Military Intelligence – Military Intelligence.
The dynamic, creative protection staff are trained in professional Civil Security principles and procedures.
Always apply the latest technology to ensure optimal protection.
We commit to bring you many benefits:

Absolute safety, minimizing management costs.
Empowering Your Business – With a team of dynamic, professional protection.
Be alerted to risks, incidents.
Prevention of negative in production – corporate management – against public responsibility.
Supported – consultant in planning – property loss prevention – fire prevention.
Supported by the Task Force in the event of security-order – strike.
To be entitled to compensation for property damage caused by the protection.
Discounted – free: health services (spa – massage ..); Taxi guards; High class car rental; Bar Services + Restaurant.
On the occasion of welcoming North Thang Long DVBV Co., Ltd to become the 8th member of National Multi-Guard Group. At the same time, in order to gratify the customers for their care, trust and use of security services. We are applying special promotions for customers signing Contract from 01/12/2016 to 31/01/2017 as follows:

Please contact us immediately to be using a perfect service!
Mr Cuong
0907 470 929
We look forward to receiving your attention!